Beatles come to iTunes

This is a screen shot from on Nov. 16 when the site announced iTunes would begin carrying Beatles' music.

Today is a big day for Apple’s iTunes. They announced, by taking up the entire front page of, that the iTunes store would now be carrying music from the Beatles.

This is huge news because the Beatles have been holding out and not wanting to let their music be digitized for fear of the songs being pirated and shared illegally and because the “quality of digital music isn’t good enough to do their catalogue justice,” according to

What is also pretty cool is that you can buy every Beatles song for $15o.

The Beatles are good. I like their music, but I have to say this whole event is being sensationalized.

Is it really that big of a deal that iTunes is carrying the Beatles?

I don’t think so. Of course, I don’t have an iPod, so maybe if I ever get one I will change my view on this day in history.

Even if I do get an iPod, though, I doubt I will change my opinion of this.

It’s just digital music files for sale. That is what this story is really about.

Big. Deal.


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