Remembering Summer: wake boarding

This summer I spent quite a bit of time at Cedar Bluff Reservoir near Ransom, Kan.

I usually went with a few of my friends — Jerod Horchem, Travis Schafer and Jon Flax — along with the occasional family member in town for a weekend visit.

Horchem has a boat, so we would take it out and go wake boarding. I never did get up and out of the water on the board, but I had fun trying.

Once time when my brother, Troy Vogts, came out for a visit, he bought a tube to pull behind the boat. That worked out a lot better for me, but I still wish I could wake board. I mean, it just looks cool.

I enjoyed these times out on the lake a great deal, even though I admit I am not the strongest swimmer and often hold my nose when jumping into the water.

On one such day at the lake, I videoed the wake boarding of my three friends so later in life I could look back at it and laugh, and trust me, they are worth a laugh.

The videos are as follows. I put them in order of worst to best:

Jon Flax

Travis Schafer

Jerod Horchem


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