‘Fake Paddy’s Day’ results in active police day

Last weekend was “Fake Paddy’s Day” in Manhattan, and it was busy time for local police.

According to an Associated Press report, Riley County Police said they responded to 462 calls, which spokesman Tim Hegarty told the AP was the busiest 24 hours in the city’s recent history.

Officers issue 133 criminal reports, arrested 37 people and issued 89 court appearances, almost all of which were due to alcohol violations.

In the report, Hegarty also said “he’s concerned about the number of people who attended and the amount of alcohol they consumed during the event in the Aggieville district in Manhattan.”

No special event other than “Fake Paddy’s Day” was taking place Saturday to bring people to Manhattan, so all those in attendance were there just to drink.

This all sounds like a pretty good time, and I wish I could have been there. I bet the green beer was flowing, and it would have been a great warm-up for the real St. Patrick’s Day.


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