Front Page Friday (Extra!): Philadelphia Daily News

OK. I know I already posted a front page for today, but when I came across this one at, I knew I had to include it.

All the guys out there will understand.

So here it is:

Philadelphia Daily News

Philadelphia Daily News

This is today’s front page of the Philadelphia Daily News.

The half-naked hottie on the cover is why I chose this front page.

Her name is Allison Baver. She is from Sinking Spring, Pa., and she is an Olympic speedskater.

I think I’m in love.

Putting her in such provocative and sexy pose on the cover was brilliant.

Sex sells, and if I lived in Philly, I would have bought a few copies of this issue.

Allison Baver

Damn! She’s hot.

I never paid much attention to speedskating while watching the Olympics. I always preferred curling.

Now, though, I’m going to be tuning in whenever Ms. Baver takes the ice during the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Oh, and if you want to see more pictures of here, check out the Daily News’ Web site,, to see a photo gallery, or you can visit her Web site,, and look at her galleries there. All the photos there are good, especially the ones of her modeling.


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