‘The Voice’ No Longer Appearing In The Ledger

When I told The Ledger’s publisher I was leaving, I left an offer on the table.

I told him I would be open to continuing to submit my column since it had been running in the area for nearly four years due to the fact I was a columnist for The McPherson Sentinel while I was at Wichita State University and before I was hired at The Ledger on June 13, 2008.

At first he said he would think about it, and he has made a decision. “The Voice of the Vogts” will not be running in The Ledger because he said he didn’t want the new editor to feel like they had to run something.

Fine. It’s his prerogative, and I wish the new editor much luck because the towns The Ledger serves are great communities.

Of course, I find this incredibly ironic considering when I was hired, I was forced to keep running my predecessor’s column for at least six months in order to “maintain a little consistency” for the sake of the readers.

The funny part with that is many people told me how much they disliked that column because of its lack of substance due to the fact it was all sugary, sweet fluff that generally annoyed the readers.

One person even told me he only read that column when he felt like being a masochist.

Now that’s funny.

However, anyone still wishing to read my column can always come to this blog. I’ll keep posting. No worries there.


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