Hail Ruins Garden

The recent hailstorm did some damage at the Vogts Village south of Canton.

Father Steve reported a near-total loss for his cucumbers and other vined plants.

He believes his sweet potatoes will be fine because the hail couldn’t get to the roots.

He showed on vine that was completely severed in two by the hail.

We won’t get to eat the vegetables this year, but the cows are getting a nice treat of unripe produce.

Vogts vehicles and roofs also got beat up.

The cars have a few dents, brother Troy’s truck lost a mirror and the house is probably going to need new shingles.

Happily I was sound asleep in Moundridge when the storm hit.

Mother Karen said had I been in Canton I wouldn’t have been able to sleep through the onslaught because it was so loud.

I’m just glad I wasn’t out riding my motorcycle when the storm hit.

That would have been a bit painful I think.


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