Colbert-Inspired T-Shirt Arrives In Moundridge

Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert called Canton, Kan., a sh**hole on “The Colbert Report.”

Canton is my hometown, and the residents there reacted negatively and were quite upset, threatening physical harm to the comedian.

I thought the whole bit was great.

The people of Canton need to learn to take a joke.

For example, my new town of residence, Moundridge, Kan., can take a joke.

A Moundridge Chamber of Commerce board member has designed a T-shirt tapping into the publicity the neighboring Canton received (read that post <a href=”; here).

I ordered one of the shirts.

It arrived yesterday afternoon.


Doesn’t the shirt look nice?

I tried it on before I shot this photo of it laying on my floor.

It fits well, but that doesn’t matter.

It could fit like crap and I would love it because it is hilarious.

Granted, the latest installment of Colbert’s running “Canton” gag was lacking.

All he did was apologize to Canton, Kan., and then perform a crappy musical insult of Canton, S.D.

Even so, I am glad the shirts exist and mine came in.

It’s a novelty item that serves as a reminder of Canton’s 15 minutes of fame.

If you want to buy a shirt, they can be purchased at


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