Auction Attendance Yields Washer, Dryer

It has finally happened.

No longer will I be forced to haul my dirty clothes back to my parents’ house in Canton to do laundry.

Saturday my father, Steve, went to an auction in McPherson.

He came back with a washer and dryer for my house.

Of course, that has changed slightly.

I am not going to be receiving the machines he most recently purchased.

Instead, he is going to keep them and give me his old washer and dryer.

He said the new ones were nicer, so he thought he should keep them.

That’s fine.

I know how to use the old ones.

Besides, I don’t care what I get, just as long as I get a washer and dryer.

I would have settled, though.

All I truly needed was a washer.

I have a clothes line behind my garage, and since it is concealed, I could have hung my underwear out on it without being too self-conscious.

It is the way I grew up with having my clothes dried, and I have seen evidence on TV that others do that as well.

The auction didn’t just yield a washer and dryer.

My father also got me a grill, which I have been wanting for some time.

I enjoy grilled food almost as much as I enjoy Mexican food.

Now, I an grill to my hearts content without having to borrow his outdoor cooker.

I’m kind of starting to see a pattern with him.

First, he gets me out of the house thanks to college.

Then he helps me move to Moundridge so I don’t have to commute from home.

Now he has given me a way to clean my clothes and cook my food without stepping foot on the old homestead.

What does that mean, dad?


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