On-going ‘Canton’ Saga Proves Kansas’ Overreaction

Last week, Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report,” called my hometown of Canton, Kan., a sh–hole.

He did this as a way of apologizing to Canton, Ga., for making derogatory remarks about that town in reference to Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign stop in Canton, Ohio.

Well, now Colbert has apologized to Canton, Kan., as well.

Watch the clip by clicking here.

When the negative piece about my hometown first aired on Colbert’s show, Kansas news media swarmed Canton, Kan., to get the reaction of residents.

Of course, most people were upset, but one has to remember that the majority of the people interviewed probably never watch the show and hadn’t seen Colbert slamming their hometown until reporters shoved the clip in their face.

The interviews did nothing to prove Colbert’s remarks wrong, as most of them promised physical harm to the comedian, and clips showing the famous “hot” and “cold” water towers solidified the notion that Canton, Kan., is a “special” place.

I thought it was hilarious.

I think I laugh harder every time I watch it.

In a previous post, I explained how I thought Canton residents, regardless of state but especially in Kansas, were basically overreacting and needed to learn to take a joke.

The satire was lost on them, but now with this latest apology, I hope it will be brought into clearer focus.

See, in his apology to Canton, Kan., he slammed Canton, S.D.

“America’s real assberg is Canton, South Dakota,” Colbert said Tuesday night.

Do you get it?

It’s a running gag!

He is seemingly going to continue to make fun of a Canton and then apologize until all the Cantons in the country have been named.

Maybe that’s not how he intended it to go when he first made the comments about Canton, Ga., but that appears to be how the bit is progressing as it takes on a life of its own.

Canton, Kan., should be thankful it was included, especially so early in the on-going bit.

I look forward to the residents of my hometown learning a lesson from all this.

I hope they realize any attention is good attention as long as you handle it well.

Don’t say silly things on TV, and be willing to laugh at yourself.

And always dry your underwear in the dryer, not on the clothesline.


2 thoughts on “On-going ‘Canton’ Saga Proves Kansas’ Overreaction

  1. I agree… the humor is quite clever. Now that Colbert has called Canton, SD “the real assberg”, I built a game on my site to defend my hometown and get Colbert to apologize!!!! (You throw pheasants at Colbert, haha.)

  2. Granted residents of Canton, KS don’t watch Colbert, this is why Kansas jokes in general are relevant. Glad you understand the humor.

    Also, don’t go on CNN when you’re ignorant.

    I hope they’ve been happy with their president the last 7 years. He’s done a heckuva job.

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